Chanel to stop refinishing/refurbishing bags over 5 yrs old!?

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  1. Hey all. I was hesitant to post this, but decided to do it anyways from a throw-away account for privacy reasons. I think you all deserve to know what I'm about to tell you...

    "My friend" is a sales associate at a major boutique and here is what she recently told me: starting very soon, Chanel will no longer refinish or refurbish bags more than 5 years old or ANY BAGS without proof of purchase!!

    This has left "my friend" outraged because as a sales associate, it's her job to service the customer, but with this policy, Chanel will be making it impossible! They're putting sales associates in a terrible position. I'm sure they'll probably play favorites with customers or something, but... I don't know. I'm sorry to bring the bad news. I just thought you all deserved to know. Everyone on this forum is so committed to Chanel, I don't understand why they aren't committed to us.
  2. So if I want to buy a bag from someone else... should I be asking for their receipt in case I want to get it repaired?? What if they don't have it? This is crazy. First the GSTs, then the beige jumbos (?), now possibly this!?
  3. I heard it's happening at the Toronto Hermès store. No bag spa without the receipt.

    So Chanel goes a step further. They would drop the customers right when they need some servicing for their bags. How nice? Ugh
  4. Does it mean i have to start laminating the receipts???😂😂😂😂
  5. Wow!!! This is shocking news as all but one of my Chanel's was purchased pre-loved!! :tdown: Terrible for those of us that love vintage!
  6. That would be so stupid, if the product is authentic, the least the company can do is help with refurbishment and repairment, even at a cost. It's like a car company refusing to fix a car under their brand because it's secondhand lol.
  7. it's a rumor until it's fact. threads like this just lead to panic. just like the gst is being discontinued every single day, and the color beige is being ousted from the classic line.
  8. I think this is also partly to slow down the amount of resellers too. Chanel does not want anyone other than authorized stores selling new bags. Very often people selling new bags at a profit do not have the receipt as they are marking up the bag. Chances are, if you buy the bag at a store, they are going to take care of you as their customer. Chanel is on a mission to eliminate these sellers.
  9. Hi I need to verify my chanel GST bag.. how do I proceed from here?
  10. Did you have it authenticated in the authenticate this forum? If not, please read the first few posts in that thread before you do.
  11. But the gst is discontinued in classic colors (black and beige), chanel SA told me herself.....:cry::cry::shucks:
  12. This will really suck for fashionphile, yogis and Ann's whom are my favorite.
  13. I think chanel is slowing following the step of hermes. I went in a boutique in HK last month, and they also ask for receipt for repairs. Even i said my friend bought it for me and there is no receipt on hand, the SA asked for my friend's name and offered to check it on their system. I think Chanel is trying to eliminate resellers and encouraging people to purchase from boutiques. This made me hesitant in buying preloved chanel.

    On the positive side, i think it can be a good thing. as some certain styles (black classic flaps, hot seasonal pieces) are massively purchased by 'buyers' of some second handed shops, which make us as Chanel loyal customers unable to purchase things we wanted.
  14. I wish i could give more evidence, but, i don't know how without giving up my privacy and getting someone in trouble.
  15. I don't keep any receipts! I mean I need a box just to store these and the inks on receipts fade!!! I guess scanning them into my computer and store a soft copy is better than none. I will start doing so with my recent purchases.

    I guess bags bought at department stores are still ok? I hope this rumor isn't true!