Chanel to Interview?

  1. Does anyone know if Chanel makes briefcases? I have a job interview in January and am looking to purchase a stylish, yet not so recognizable item. Been looking at LV horizontal Batignolles bag, but I am worried that the monogram canvas be a bit too much walking in...any suggestions and prices?
  2. I think the Cerf tote would be a great choice!
  3. I'd stay away from logos. Plus vachetta leather on LV tote is a little casual looking. I agree the cerf would be great. It looks sharp and dressier.
  4. Thanks, Luccibag. What is the retail on the Large Cerf tote?
  5. The Cerf is a fantastic suggestion.

    It's $1,995 for the large. :yes:
  6. Yes, I agree that the Cerf Tote is the only Chanel bag I'd ever consider taking to an interview myself at this stage of my life (assuming this is a corporate/professional environment; if it's a job in fashion/creative field then of course you can dress more creatively). I bought my Cerf Tote with 2.55 Mademoiselle lock just for that purpose; I didn't even want anyone to notice the CC's on the traditional Cerf Tote and gasp it's a Chanel....thankfully with the demure 2.55 MM lock very few people (except a PFer LOL) would have any idea that it's Chanel.
  7. You know, I was actually thinking of what bag I'd wear to my med school interview (that's not until at least 2011, LOL, but still, I thought about it). I was thinking that I wanted to look chic but not have a bag so "designer-y" that they would be distracted by it. I may just have to put the cerf on my wish list now and get it before it becomes over $3k by the time 2011 rolls around.
  8. cerf for sure
  9. either a cerf or kelly but personally i prefer the cerf, it looks more polished and adds substance to your outfit and personality! i would probably get it as a graduation gift to myself when i'm finally out of college! IMO i always go for 'low key' bags when i go to an interview, once i carried a BV hobo bag to a bank internship interview b/c it has no logo and looks more subtle. the cerf with MM lock has almost the exact effect which i love :graucho:
  10. ^That's a great idea hehe. I think I might do that, get that as a college graduation gift to myself. A cerf to go with an entrance into the professional world.
  11. ^ LOL yes! OT but my mom's graduation gift to me (either that or my 21st which i doubt lol) should hopefully (and probably since she promised) be a birkin! LOL!! ;)
  12. ^LOL. Man, IDK what I'm going to ask my mom for my college graduation gift. Maybe another J12 but in black LOL. I can't believe I'm already thinking of what I want to ask for when that's like 4 years down the road. Or maybe I'll ask her to give me some of her jewelry that she won't let me have yet because I'm too young.

    Haha, the Birkin is a fab choice though! I may get one for myself far, far down the road.
  13. god u girls are lucky! grad present here amounts to a bottle of vodka hehehe. ah the joys of being male (still, mums not a handbag girl as much as i try!)

    i think the cerf is a great option as well. OT, but am i the only one who thinks that the slight irridescence of the deerskin is actually reaally nice?
  14. Thank you all for suggestions...cerf tote it is! Off to purchase this afternoon.
  15. i'm not sure if this is sacrilegious and hope i'm not ruffling any feathers. i wouldn't carry a brand name bag into an interview especially if it's your first job. because the person on the other side, especially if she's a girl, is probably going to know and mentally take off points because if you've never held a job and are bringing in a chanel bag, call it jealousy or anything you want but you're going to have to fight back from a deficit. especially if most impressions are made within the first 30seconds of meeting the other person.

    just speaking from personal experience, worked at a bank this summer, brought a balenciaga bag to work (which was, IMO, conspicuous) and ended up getting comments from MALE colleagues about what brand (and consequently, how expensive) it was. not a good way to make a first impression! i mean in the end it didn't matter because if you're good at your work, you can dress in any way you want.

    just saying, it's just like how those threads on young people owning expensive bags quickly spiral downhill; most people, especially an interviewer, frown upon overly expensive clothing, which is probably anything you wouldn't be able to afford on your first month's salary.

    the cerf tote is pretty and congratulations if you bought it. but just my 2c. :flowers: