Chanel: to clutch or not to clutch

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  1. opinion?

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  2. It's certainly a conversation piece! But it's too long IMO. If it were shorter by a third, I'd grab this!
  3. It's a beauty but I gotta agree with Serrazane.
  4. It kinda looks like a pencil case? It would look better if it was a bit shorter.
  5. A little too long for me!
  6. hmmmmm, I'm not quite sure either
  7. I love it. perfect to sit comfortably under your arm or in hand.
  8. Indeed too long...
  9. 'To clutch', of course. It's beautiful!
  10. Much too long. Not my taste, form or function.
  11. Too long!
  12. I find it too long. I would personally pass on this one. :smile:
  13. It is pretty. But, I feel it is a bit too long as well
  14. I think is too long as well.
  15. not to clutch lol