Chanel Tiny Bag

  1. Hello!

    I saw this somewhere online and just loved it! Can anyone tell me what its called?

  2. i don't know the name or the price, but yes, it is cute :p
  3. I haven't seen this one before. I never find any of the really cute stuff like this. So cute.
  4. wow this is too cute!1
  5. Is that from the spring runway show? It's adorable, but I don't know anything about it.
  6. aw... so cute.
  7. Sooooo cute!!:heart:
  8. how cute!! :tender:
  9. Still gathering info about this bag.. Its from the Spring 06 Collection.. I still dont have a name nor a price though..
  10. More pics of the mysterious bag...
  11. That is really cute. :love:
  12. Cute.

    Kinda looks like something a hypnotist would swing around in front of you. "You are getting sleeeeeepy, sleeeeeeepy"
  13. ^^LOL cal!
  14. Found it! The style # is A31940Y04091 and it was going for $2,025. *gulp* "Was" bec they do not have it any longer.
  15. The only place I ever saw one was on eBay. When I saw the picture of this little purse, I thought it was very cute, but the price tag in my opinion is way to steep.