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  1. To all Chanel lovers,

    I just saw a Chanel Timeless zippered tote which had what looks like a matte gold chain that is shorter than the current chain--is this a vintage model?

    The timeless tote I am referring to is like the GST but smaller and has the zipper closure. I kind of like it because the matte hardware looks like rose gold--

    Any infos? TIA:confused1:
  2. Sounds like the petit timeless tote. Do you have a picture?
  3. this is the petite timeless tote:


    i have never seen it with brushed gold hardware. in fact, i have never seen any of the classic pieces with brushed gold hardware.
  4. That got me wondering as well if this was vintage but the auction on Ebay doesnt say vintage at all...hope others can clarify this too
  5. Oh that explains it then-- so its vintage or is it just older meaning just a few years ago?