Chanel Timeless Wallet of Balenciaga Clutch! I can't choose!!

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Chanel Classic Quilted wallet or Balenciaga Flat Clutch?

  1. Chanel wallet

    4 vote(s)
  2. *

    Balenciaga clutch

    7 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Girls, I can't decide on a chanel wallet or bal clutch. Please help because this is keeping me up at night!

    I don't have either (I have all LV's & a Fendi Spy) so that doesn't help lol

    I'm thinking either the classic quilted for chanel or the giant clutch w/ wristlet for Bal. I do have a wallet, but no clutch.. and oh my gawd bal leather is like the porn of all leathers :graucho:

    Please chime and and make my decision for me.. cause I can't!
  2. chanel wallet
  3. balenciaga! it's so chic & cool! :smile:
  4. Balenciaga!
  5. Balenciaga
  6. balenciaga! i love chanel, but that wallet is a little too mature looking for my taste.
  7. ^^ I agree!! I chose the Bal Clutch! I think I'll wait 'till my 30's for the chanel.. lol

    Thanks girls!
  8. Good choice.