Chanel timeless clutch white

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  1. Hi, anybody looking for chanel timeless clutch in caviar white,there is one more in Neiman Marcus quick order catalog code acs07 item number 51.the price still the old price $895 same price before increase.I just order the black one and also order the white one last week.Good Luck!:woohoo::flowers:
  2. is it still avialble? i heard it's no longer available...did u jsut order it now?
  3. Hi,yes I just order less than 30min ago,last week was only the white one avilable and today when i checked they have both,so I order the black and now only the wihite avilable.
  4. just ordered a white one.
  5. Hi laf724,I think you just get the last one, lucky you.Do you have to paid any shipping for that.The first one I got last week I paid $29 for shipping and the second one I got today for no shipping though the phone order.
  6. gosh great deal, the white is a fabby colour for the clutch :smile:
  7. brilliant price - gosh someone should grab it
  8. I just tried to buy a white one (after much debate) and unfortunately they are all gone!!! :crybaby::crybaby:I'm so sad...
  9. Great buy. The white is a great color. I almost got it, but was able to find a red one so the white will be for next year. Enjoy your purchases.
  10. Thank you yee38, I just called and got the shipping waived!!
  11. Is this still available? Does anyone know what number I need to call?
  12. Hi,laf724
    I just called NM waived the shipping for the first order also and now not sure should keep white,black or both.
  13. They're all sold out in black & white. Sorry!