Chanel Timeless Clutch or Chanel Pearls

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  1. Ok Ladies,

    Need your help. I have two EGC giftcards which total $350. Should I get the caviar clutch in black or the chanel pearls! The problem is I don't go out but I just love chanel ... LOL
    Currently in black I have

    Reissue Phone Case & Reissue Jumbo Flap ... HELP:shrugs:
  2. I vote pearls. They go great even with jeans, so you'll probably get more wear from them. Plus, you already have the black reissue.
  3. Hmm, tough choice. I'd personally choose the clutch, but if you don't go out, then I agree with aprilvalentine that you'd get more use out of the pearls.
  4. ^ita
  5. I would normally go for a bag over jewelry (even though I love Chanel costume jewelry!), but in this case, I think you should get the pearls. :smile: They're so pretty, versatile, and considering the clutch is more of a going out bag IMO, you'll get more wear out of them! :smile: Hmmm... or you could get a gorgeous Chanel wallet with your giftcards haha. :P
  6. I would go for the pearls! Your reissue and pearls are the perfect match!
  7. Pearls - they're gorgeous :drool:.
  8. Can I say that I love you girls!!!!!!!!!:heart:
    I need you all in my life because I'm so impulsive. You know we should create a Chanel Therapy subforum because I need it like a 12 step program. My heart says pearls but everytime I here the bag is limited I start freaking out! Chanel Therapy ... HELP!
  9. LOL oh gosh I just purchased 2 chanel wallets within the last month because I had to get my LV Damier French purse fixed. To be honest a 3rd wallet purchase did cross my mind. This is a sickness!!!!!!!!

  10. Pearls! :heart:
  11. Timeless clutch.
  12. Pearls are beautiful and if I had a GC, that's the way I'd go. I have no problem spending that kind of money on a bag so I know I'd do it. I probably wouldn't do it as willingly for the pearls since they're fake so the "discount" would appeal to me.
  13. i vote timeless clutch..
  14. ITA!!
  15. pearls too :heart: