Chanel Timeless Clutch caviar red..Where to get?

  1. Hi girls, I'm been looking for Chanel Clutch in red but the boutiques said they do not carry that colour in the store. Yet I've been seeing it on the internet! Can Someone pls tell me where to get it?? :crybaby:
  2. Oh my, I just returned one to Saks NY. You can ask Joseph about it. Even though it was delivered today (I don't live in NY, sadly), it might take one day or 2 for him to get it.

    I don't know if you are concerned about the returning. I swear I didn't use it at all. I returned it the same day after I got it. It's a gorgeous bag, but just doesn't fit me very well.

    PM me if you want his contact info.
  3. Thks JoyHui for the info. Why did you return it since it is so pretty? Just wondering :p

    Btw Do you have his contact no.? In case he decided to sell it to someone else, does anyone else know where to get it in the US? I lived in NY :p
  4. I feel right now my style is too casual for such a bag. I might get one in the future though.

  5. There was one at the Tysons Corner NM last week... ask for Nga (pronounced 'Na') she's super sweet and helpful.
  6. I tried to call Joseph today, no reply yet. Hope he will call back soon..I'm so anxious :p

    Missgc, do you happen to have NM's Nga contact no? if you do I will greatly appreciated :yes:
  7. I was at Houston Galleria Chanel store and I think they had one in the front case. I would try them.
  8. Try Delyse at Saks. She thinks she can get one for you. Her number is 248-808-0712. She's at work now, I just spoke with her.
  9. I just spoke to Delyse she is nice.


  10. evilevie Nga at NM 703-761-1600... I cant remember her extension off the top of my head since I'm at work right now, but if you ask for Nga in Handbags they'll transfer you to her. Hope they still have the clutch! The red is sooo beautiful.
  11. I just got that bag in red 2 weeks ago and LOVE IT!!! It hold alot for a small bag..
    YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!! Good Luck
  12. You are all so kind :smile: I spoke to Delyse yesterday and she managed to find one for me! Right now waiting for her confirmation on the delivery..can't wait to lay my hands on the clutch :smile:
  13. I would like to thank missgc, joyhui, VipStyle, luv4bags, aprilvalentine and bindi0930 for helping me to look for my beloved Chanel Red Caviar Clutch. I just received it today and the clutch is really gorgeous :heart:! I've attached some photos of the clutch :smile: Can't wait to bring it out for a date :graucho:
    DSC02828.JPG DSC02825.JPG
  14. THAT'S SO PRETTY :nuts:
  15. :yahoo: