Chanel Timeless Classics

  1. I know these items are considered Chanel's Timeless Classic pieces.

    Classic Flap
    GST-Grand Shopping Tote
    PST-Petite Shopping Tote
    Medallion Tote
    Timeless Clutch
    Timeless Pearl Necklace

    Please help me name other Classic items.
  2. how about the timeless classic tote? I think that is what it's called.
  3. Great idea! Off the top of my head, those are all I could come up with. I actually didn't know reissues were part of the timeless classics.

  4. Which one is that? Do you have a pic?
  5. An SA at the Hong Kong Penninsula boutique told me that the original (b/w) Cambon's are considered 'classics' .... not sure how true that is though ..
  6. This is the small timeless classic tote
    It's shorter and more square than the PST and deeper with a zipped top
  7. According to Harpers Bazaar, the flaps, camelia flower, the tweed jacket, the pearls and the ballerina flat
  8. I could be wrong, but I don't think the Cambon's are classic pieces. I believe it's just another ligne that Chanel came out with.

  9. Oh yeah, I remember that one. It reminds me of the size between the PST and the GST. Thanks for the pic.

  10. Yes, everytime I see a camelia flower now, it reminds me of Chanel. I forgot about the tweed jacket. It's always been Chanel's classic wardrobe piece. I didn't know ballerina flats were part of their classic line. Hmmm, I always thought that Timeless Classic meant they keep making it year after year.

    Does anyone know if the Diamond Stitch Ligne is considered part of the classics?
  11. I think their Kelly bag is also a classic. East/west bags are classics, too.
  12. being a classic style bag doesn't make it a Chanel Timeless Classic.
    I don't think the Reissues are and Cambon's are definitely not.
    Pretty much none of the lignes w/ their own name are considered Timeless classic, otherwise they'd be named Timeless Classic_________
    for example: Timeless Classic Clutch.
  13. ^^ I agree, and also just because something is part of what Chanel named the "timeless classic" ligne doesn't mean they will never discontinue it..... I have a timeless classic pochette that was discontinued and also there is a bowler style I believe has been discontinued (not 100% thought).
  14. Oh, I didn't know that. I thought it meant the same thing. So what is the difference between Classic and Timeless Classic?

  15. anything having the name from the ligne timeless classic is considered a "timeless classic" piece.
    classic chanel pieces are those that stand the test of time and therefore are "timeless", but are not necessarily from that specific ligne noted above.
    the classic flaps are the best example and some of the other styles mentioned above are as well.
    did that make any sense? :confused1:not sure, but i tried.:p