Chanel Timeless Classic

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  1. My 20th b-day is coming up and I've always wanted a Chanel bag...

    I'm planning on buying one for myself but the only color bag I really don't have is white. I love the way this bag looks in white but want it to last.

    Do any of you have a white Chanel or any opinions on alternative colors?
  2. Chanel is timeless. I wouldn't limit yourself to one color though. It's your birthday, so take a good look at everything that is available. After all, you are going to be putting a good amount of money into it! You can't go wrong w/ any Chanel though really. Happy Birthday to you!
  3. happy birthday. i agree with yhassan. go to a large chanel boutique and take a look at the many beautiful stules and colors. ask about the new styles to be released and to see pictures. the white chanel reissue is stunning. but again go with what your heart tells you. i wish you the best of luck and a very special happy birthday. may your chanel wishes come true.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :nuts: I would definitely go to the boutique and check out the different bags. I saw a gorgeous white caviar leather tote yesterday, that type of leather is supposed to be very durable and easier to take care of.
  5. Hey Happy Birthday! I think white is a nice colour for a Chanel bag! I was eyeing a white caviar bag on eBay earlier;) But, I agree go and check out a Chanel boutique. Then your eyes and heart will be opened to all different possibilities. And maybe you'll come out of there with more than one item... Am I helping?? LOL!
  6. I went to the Chanel boutique on 57th St. yesterday thats where I saw the white bag. I didn't have to much time, just glanced around and left. The white caviar cought my eye but I'm just worried about investing in a white bag. I would go with black just to be safe but I already have a black Balenciaga...
  7. I believe that Noriko has a beautiful white Chanel in her collection.
  8. I recently got the Jumbo white caviar and have been carrying it. I love it. It has not been a problem keeping it clean either albeit I treated it with Apply Guard products before taking it out. I also have the Jumbo size in pink and navy caviar and the medium? on black for evenings out.
  9. i have a white cambon, and although it is stunning i will never buy another white bag again (chanel, vuitton etc). if you want it for everyday use, i would stay away from it, b/c you have to worry about getting it dirty and color transfer.

    but a white reissue would be divine!
  10. My feeling is that you can never have too many black bags...I'm not partial to white for handbags because white seems to be very limited seasonally and I've always had a hard time keeping anything white clean. The thing is, Chanel is so classic, chic and timeless that if you went with another black bag you wouldn't be sorry. Especially a black bag by Chanel....

    But of course, I'm obsessed so.....:smile:
  11. white is always classic, but i always have the fear of getting it dirty. however, the white caviar leathers don't get as dirty or damaged, so maybe invest in something of that leather. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  12. I love white!!! It's such a beautiful color!!! Try to get one in that color. If you want alternative black, pink, red, blue, green, grey and etc...depends on what you like.

    But what design will you be getting?