CHANEL Timeless Classic Wallet - Metallic Red

  1. There was an exact one in Sydeny Chanel 2 days ago, hope it helps :smile:
  2. oh fantastic i am from sydney do you happen to know the rrp?
  3. Sorry i am not sure about the RRP but it is definitely more $$$ comapred to the US retail price :sad: But the wallet is really pretty IRL!!!
  4. I got this wallet and I believe is was around $800 because it came to about $890 with tax.
  5. Hi there,
    there are bright green , electric blue and the orangy red one you posted. These are really really nice color wallets! the only thing that bugged me is that the bag is made of llama skin. If thats not a problem with you go for it! the color is truly amazing
  6. Electric blue? Now that sounds intriguing! I want to see what that looks like.
  7. is llama skin bad and delicate like lambskin?

    they are such beautiful wallets.
  8. hey frayed_misfit, i just dropped by my local chanel (in singapore) and had a look at the wallet. if i didn't know it was llama skin, i would have thought it was some distressed leather (it looks and feels like the distressed leather on the reissues). the red is really brilliant with hints of an orange undertone and to be quite honest, it doesn't feel any different from the other wallets they have (my SA showed me the other wallets - cambon and the classic one)

    she passed me the cruise catalogue too and it has a picture of the green one (a true apple green, very cute, they had it in stores too). the reference number for it (the green one) is A31506 Y04733 20322 and the retail price for it is SGD$1360 (so it's about AUD$1000 based on exchange rate).

    hope that helps! ;)
  9. ^ thank you! that price is probably the most i'd pay so i'll be doing the ring around :smile:
  10. also if anyone has this wallet do you think it would be prone to peeling like the other metallics?
  11. It's $825.00 in USD w/o tax. I saw it in the store here and it seems like a "tough" skin. Hope that makes sense. It doesn't seem like it'll peel?? There is a smaller card case as well in the same color/material.
  12. That doesn't look metallic to me at it really considered "metallic?"
  13. dont know about the metallic part but the color is nice