chanel timeless cc repair - help!

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  1. just wanted some advice on my situation and if this has happened to anyone else. I waited to get this beauty for months about a year ago. I wore it only a handful of times and it was in ideal like new condition. The bag just fell off its shelf and scratched along the wall on its way down. There is a mark on the front and under the flap. At first i thought it was residue from the paint on the wall, but after trying to take it off with apple guard i realized the fall took a layer of color off the bag. Will chanel fix it for me? its a caviar type of grain leather. :shucks::cry::rain: i dont want to give in my bag and wait for months to get it back, especially since it was basically new 10 minutes ago. Please see attached photos

    And by the way, yes i am aware that the scratch would be considered "minor" to some, but i am very anal about ALL my belongings and especially it being on the front of the bag .. its just screaming at me
  2. Anyone?
  3. If you are truly as you describe, the only answer would be to take it into Chanel and have their spa service repair this (they may want to redye the entire piece to get the color to match). Sadly, you can't go back in time to before it happened and undo the damage.

    If you don't want it done this way, you could try buying some dye and mixing the color to touch it up or take it to a shoe repair shop recommended by a high end store in your area (ask Dior, Neman Marcus, Saks, etc.) for touch up. I'd highly advise against total redye as then Chanel wouldn't touch it for future repairs, but perhaps wouldn't notice a small touch up.
  4. you dont think chanel will fix just that one area without needing to redye the entire bag?
  5. There's only one way to find out for sure, but often that is how they deal with areas that need to be "fixed" due to spots, stains, color loss, etc. They may take 2-3 months as that is their usual time frame.
  6. would you trust taking your bag to anyone else other than chanel , i.e. leatherspa
  7. If this were me, I'd fix it myself (although how it looks now wouldn't bother me), and I certainly do trust the leather shops/cobblers that Dior and Chanel boutiques inside NM have referred me to, but I'm not the same as you. The question is would YOU trust your bag to anyone else other than Chanel?