Chanel, the inspiration

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  1. Hi, I'm new here at posting! Oh, I'm actually kindof nervous! I've been reading the blog and this forum for quite a while now - more than a month, I'm guessing - but haven't been posting, so hello there!

    Since I started visiting here and becoming more addicted to Chanel I realised that most people that probably have little clue about fashion can't even imagine how much the brand has influenced bag-styles throughout the years. It's very common to see people walking down the avenues or down the subway with bags that are absolutely inspired in Chanel style, colors, designs.

    I just recently noticed, for example, I have a bag that's pretty much the same as a Medalion Tote - not a knock off, obviously - but it carries its style, the straps are the same way, it's in leather and all that, and it just amazed me. I'm really interessed in buying a Medalion, and just found pretty funny that I was carrying something much like it and didn't realise right away.

    I'm sorry if this is blabbering, but it really amazed me noticing how much Chanel is iconic and an inspiration by doing such a simple thing as bag-sighting downtown.
  2. Welcome to the Chanel forum!
  3. Welcome! :flowers: Don't be nervous, we won't bite you, I promise! :P

    Hopefully you can add the Medallion to your collection soon. It really is a classic and timeless tote!
  4. Hello:flowers: I'm so glad you posted. Your observations is spot on!
  5. welcome to TPF, we blabber all day long, lol.
  6. The only one that would bite you here is Nat. And since she's said she won't -you're all good to go. :lol:

    Welcome! -and don't feel nervous, from what I can tell, you have a great appreciation for Chanel, so you'll fit in just fine :yes:
  7. Hey and welcome!!!
  8. Welcome! Theres a Lifetime movie coming out about the life of Chanel too, should be good! It is amazing how she changed how women dressed.