Chanel - the Hologram Sticker


Jan 8, 2006
hi everyone

ummm, this is probably another silly helen question - but i'll ask it anyway...

the Hologram Sticker in Chanel Bags eg/2.55 does this peel off after time????

(of course it does helen, its a sticker) :lol: :lol: :lol:

thanks in advance!
I was at a consignment store the other day and they had a VERY old Chanel bag there. I think it was approximately 20-30 years old. You could barely say that it was a Chanel, except for the quilting and chain straps. There was no logo inside that would say "Chanel Made in ..." or a zipper with CC hanging off of it. The only thing that WAS there was the hologram sticker. Still there and not peeling off!
I just found the sticker on the Reissue. (Actually belen told me where to look). That thing is tiny! And it's just stuck to the leather in the main compartment. Let's see how long it stays there!
helenNZ said:
hey guys
just wondering - does anyone know when they started putting the hologram stickers in their CHANEL bags????

There was a thread about this not to long ago. It linked it to a very good site. From what I remember the hologram has not been more then 20 years. But I might be wrong. If you have a chance do a search on the forum.

I wish LV would use hologram cards/stickers as well. Much better comfort level buying pre-owned Chanel then LV since they have this extra layer of security. It's not foolproof of course, nothing is.
scarlet.mote said:
this may be a bit off but where is the hologram sticker in the classic flap/ 2.55?

in my medium classic flap, you can see it in the largest compartment on the lower left when u are facing the front of the bag. just peer in and look at the lower left area. =)
hi gals

I read somwhere on here a few months ago a thread that described the different hologram stickers and that the first number on the sticker indicates what year the bag was from ie.6xxxx,7xxxxx etc so the lower the number the older the bag...the bags that start with 101 for example were produced within the last 2 years. anyways, does anyone have more info on this?

thank you.
A 10 (eight digit number was produced in 2005 and 2006. I have actually started to see a few 11's for fall season bags.

So for 2006 You would see holograms with 8 numbers

2005 - 7 numbers if its a nine

2004 (7 numbers)

etc, etc.... I think this is a pretty good method, until you get around the 2's and 3' and 4's. The first hologram started with a 0 (7 digit) number. The older chanel numbers are a little more tricky, because by the time the hologram had a 2 the bag was probably from the late 80's early 90's.
has anyone actually matched their hologram stickers to the auth cards??? I have never done that with any of my bags - so I hope that the numbers to correspond otherwise.*uhoh*

Anyway I don't bother because its somewhat hard to see (usually on the inside front left corner) and since I figure I got it from the boutiques there shouldnt be any concerns at all..