Chanel that goes from workday to night?

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  1. This is my first post, and I currently own only one Chanel handbag :sad:. Its the petit shopper by the way. Since I can't be buying one as often as I would like, I would like my second Chanel to be one that I can use to work but also when going out. Do any of you have any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Do you need a large bag?
    Any of the pouchettes {Cotton Club, Cambon, etc. . . } can go day to night IMO, but may not be large enough if you need a large day bag.
  3. i would recommend GST or the Cerf Tote.. they are both so versatile and you could definitely wear them during the day and night.. hope that helps..
  4. I don't have enough stuff to fill up a large tote, but a pouchette is too small for the things I do have. The petit shopper I own does hold everything I have, yet it can get a little crowded. I'm guessing something around that size or a little bit bigger would work best for me.
  5. The Cerf tote is a good one.

    I actually carry my black jumbo flap in caviar daily and love it.
  6. Black reissue 227 goes great day to night.
  7. I think a jumbo flap would be good. It's versatile and looks good dressed up or down. Maybe not so much evening wear, but at least for work and going to dinner, etc.
  8. a 227 reissue in black could work from day to night-- its quite large but not as bulky/large as the jumbo and IMO it looks slightly dressier even in that size :yes:
  9. I agree with what members have said re the black reissue, size 227. It's holds as much as the jumbo but it's slightly smaller. It's a stunning piece in appearance and function. It's definitely worth going to see IRL.
  10. flap can be use day and night. :biggrin:
  11. classic flap or reissue in a jumbo works great for day or night!
  12. The timeless classic tote or the expandable flap would be a good option.
  13. I'd have to say a cerf tote or reissue as well.

    Maybe if you can find one still, a CC bowler...?
  14. thanks ladies, I'll definiitely look into the differnt styles you all mentioned.