Chanel Tennis Racquets...Whose Game?

  1. I just went to and their sport collection is now up starting with the tennis racquets....check it out and let me know what you think....try to keep your eyes on the products and not the male models!
  2. Very cute but I sooo can't buy a CHANEL tennis racket. My DH would really turn me over to the loony bin! After all, I don't play tennis!:nuts:

    Are you going to get one?!?!:drinks:
  3. They're cute if I played tennis I'd buy it!!!! But I wonder how much it is?
  4. Haha ohh man! I played tennis in college (and it's my favorite sport!), but I would be laughed off of the court showing up with that... no one would take you seriously (assuming they know what Chanel is)! :smile: Plus, you have to change strings frequently, and then what about the cute logo? :sad: I'd love a tennis racket Chanel accessory though, I saw a key chain on eBay once that I wish I'd purchased!!

  5. I called Chanel the other day and the one(1) racket is around $380
  6. Last year it was priced at $255
  7. woah is it just me or does that seem very reasonable?? :confused1: a good tennis racquet usually runs around $200... another $180, I can have a Chanel!!
  8. LOOOL. ITA! It might be a nice fashion accessory, but no way would I show up on comp day with a Chanel racquet. :roflmfao:

    It does make me wonder which manufacturer is actually handling the design and testing of the racquet. Perhaps if it was a major company (and the racquet is merely a paint-job for Chanel), then it might still be functional?
  9. cute!!
  10. It's actually a pretty good racquet. I played a lot last summer and I got one on sale at Bergdorfs. I only sold it because the grip was too large for me. Otherwise, I liked it -- it's nice and light and of course soo stylish!
  11. oooooooo how much on sale did you get for?
  12. I'm not going to lie, I'd be laughed off the court where I play tennis if I had a Chanel tennis raquet.