Chanel tennis gear

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  1. Im looking for the cute tennis skirt and racket...I saw it featured on the website last year but am desperate to find them both...anyone seen any around?
    Thank you xx
  2. I saw it last year at SCP (the racquet). are you going to play with it? If so, let me know how it holds up in a fierce game, haha
  3. Ive heard it hold really made of a carbon fibre that is light yet easy to problem is where can I locate it and the skirt?
  4. I would call the 800 # Chanel has and ask them to do a search... they should at least be able to tell you which stores bought it/ and whether or not a Chanel boutique in the system might have it. GOod luck!
  5. LOL if i dump all my wilson racquets for chanel, i think all my friends would think i'm absurd.. then again, i think i really would! ;) please share when you find them! good luck on that!

    PS: tennis skirt could be found on eBay? seen them a couple of times, together with the tennis headband and wristlets!
  6. Haha, ohh man, if I showed up for my matches in college with a Chanel tennis racket, I probably would've been laughed off of the court! :p I'm sure the racket itself is well made, but you are of course paying for the name moreso than the quality itself (although the two aren't necessarily independent of one another). :heart: I would love to find a little tennis ball keychain Chanel did though (saw it on eBay once!)... perfect mix of two of my favorite things in the world!! :love:

    I would check eBay, and call the 800 number and have a rep do a search for you :smile:... I think a few items went on sale, but I'm not too certain (or whether or not that even applies to what you want in the first place hehe). :smile: Good luck! :tup: You'll be the best dressed tennis player on the court! ;)
  7. yahhh i saw the skirts at NM back a a couple months when they started the sales...

    tho im sure now its all at an outlet distribution center or something...but they do pop up on ebay--the tennis skirt and tennis dress were both very cute...ran TTS if not more fitted i think =)
  8. Thank you girls xx Whats the 800 number?
  9. I got the racquet from the Chanel store on 57th on sale for $220. The 800 number can be found at the website!
  10. 1 800 550 0005
  11. thank you xx
    I hope they have it...did you see the skirt too?