chanel teach me a lesson --how to spend my money

  1. im serious start to manage my finacial situation ...and think about put more money on my saving account..and even think about invest more real estate ....all of this just because i start my new passion-----chanel...i do need to earn and save more money ,then i could buy more chanel ..

    i was new to chanel...i m used to think chanel bag just too "old" for me/...and im a very causal girl..i do like buy more and more bags..but not any one was chanel:nogood:

    but since i join this forum.....i bought 10 chanel bags within 4 months
    im in heaven....dont wake me up:yahoo:but my bank account is crying.....i have to think very carefully when i choose any one of them ...not as before...i m buy lots of other brand.LV.prada.miumiu,fendi.loewe...any bag i liked it...but i only use few of them..i just stored them in my bag boxes....

    actually i m use money more "effiency" than i start to use every one of much as all because of chanel...

    i decide to sell some LV bags and gucci,fendi...and some other i bought but will never use ....(i used as a excuse for keep buying bags but never use them//// ) these days..things a good girl......

    and these days...i m stop buy designer dress (not actually stop...but reduced dramatically,,,as i always spent a lot of money on desiger dress but never wear them..i just stored them in my dressing thinking thats really waste of money.:tdown:so i just manager to take them out of boxes,and start to use them ..thats a good way to save lots of money...and i even thinking to sell some of them.....all of these im doing was for my new passion----chanel...not just bag....

    im totally following love with chanel..:woohoo:
  2. Well,what you are saying makes a lot of sense. It is definitely better to use money efficently instead of throwing it down the drain, Goodluck!
  3. Something always good comes out of buying Chanel. lol
  4. fortunately, chanel doesn't have such a big range of bags like prada and LV.. or have such a big collection every season.. otherwise you will be in trouble..

    hahaha.. and so will many of us ;)
  5. i agree with you :smile: i just came up with my so-called 'financial roster' and submitted it to the financial controller of the house - mom. LOL. i calculated how much allowance i would have to forgo to fund my bags, how much i can spend and what's in my budget. oh man, i'm doing all these math for bags! i can't believe myself LOL.

  6. My goal is to just stop buying purses. Maybe like 2 a year and that's it. It's tough.
  7. I always try and be careful when I buy a bag. I want it to be something I'll be able to use for years. I used to buy all the bag brands you mentioned too, now it's just Chanel for me!

    I always try and stick with classic pieces, bags I'll get the most use out of.

  8. I'm the same way, hehe, that's why I buy classics so I can wear for years, then DH wouldn't be saying "You still remember that Coach purse you bought last year?":confused1:
  9. haha i love this ur so right, im starting to sell some of the lv bags i don't use because im beyond obsessed and addicted to chanel
  10. So funny but true. I have to start a savings to fund my next Chanel.