chanel t-shirt

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  1. I just saw a girl wearing the CUTEST shirt I have ever seen! It had an airplane drawing on the back and a hot pink cc logo on the front left shoulder. I wanted SOOO badly to ask her what season it was from but I was too shy. I have tried to google and any of you have any idea what I am talking about??? It's going to make me crazy.:rolleyes: TIA!
  2. It sounds really cute!!
  3. sounds cute. did you have a cell phone at the time? could have taken a photo. lol, no dont do that
  4. ^hahha...i wish!
  5. Wow, I didn't even know Chanel made t-shirts. I wonder how much they are? I would probably buy just ONE for fun. I never look through their ready to wear so I wouldn't know.
  6. I'm surprised too as i didn't know that chanel made t-shirts....:smile:
  7. Chanel makes really cute t-shirts! I was buying one but then I thought I might not wear it, it wasn't so 'me'. But they are really adorable! :love:
  8. ^How much do they cost (range?) TIA!
  9. tee sounds too cute...hope you find it.
  10. I have a black Tshirt with the CC on the front. I love the tshirts but haven't found another one they are from sportwears collection. I paid about 450 for mine from NM.
  11. sounds cute!

    if anyone have chanel t-shirt, please post! Thanks.
  12. My Chanel t-shirt is so very old. It's black (faded now) with the CC's on the front. Bought it at Garfinkles in D.C. (Which is now gone (sob) -- what a cool building -- anyway thought it was a king's ransom at $65. (That's how old it is -- my guess is early to mid 80s. Has the old style Chanel label that is all faded -- the white kind that has the collection, color, content, etc. People used to ask me if I worked for chanel 5, a TV station in DC. I would just say no and to myself think boy, you can't spell either.
  13. I'm thinking maybe it could have been a VIP gift from the "airport" inspired fashion show in santa monica............I found out that the girl wearing the shirt is a PR person based out of Los Angeles.
  14. Could have sworn I've seen a picture of a t-shirt or shirt with the airplane design. It may have been a post here on the forum showing the s/s '08 bags.
  15. No the VIP gift at santa monica was No. 5 perfum in a travel bag