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  1. Hi Ladies,
    Anyone from Sydney here? A friend is visiting shortly and is hoping to find a Black Chanel Reissue or Luxury Bowler in Sydney.

    Any nice ladies here from Australia able to help furnish the contact details, adderess of the Chanel there or good SA that can help her?:flowers:

    Also, any Alannah Hill, Colette Dinnigan Factory Outlets available there?:wlae:

    Thanks so much in advance!:P
  2. Chanel Boutique 70 Castlereagh St Sydney 2000 (02) 9233 4800
  3. Hey sweetheart, chanel reissue bags are totally sold out in Australia. I've been desperately searching for one too... Sigh.
  4. you might have to call the store, i was in there last friday but didn't see any luxury bowlers, but i could have been blind, i was too busy looking at the classic flaps.:drool:

    I'm not aware of any Alannah Hill or Colette Dinnigan factory outlets in Sydney.
  5. Ha! A CD outlet... I wish!
  6. i saw a luxury bowler in burgundy about 2-3 weeks ago but not sure if it's still there. definitely no reissues.

    i think there is an alannah hill outlet in DFO in birkenhead point, sydney. :smile:
  7. chanella, Dancing_Queen, allbrandspls, Shari, frayed_Misfit, THANK YOU!!!

    You girls are amazing!!! I'll let my friend know...!:yes:

    Dancing_Queen, I think certain colour Reissues should still be available with Neiman Marcus. If you call them directly, they can do a charge on your cc and ship overseas.:flowers:

    Thanks again ladies!
  8. Oh... Are you serious? I'm searching for a grey reissue in a 226. I feel like giving up! I called most chanel boutiques in Asia and they are sold out! :crybaby:
  9. Dancing_Queen, the Grey colour is a toughie since it was sometime back, :shrugs: I last heard it was available a month back in NM in a size 226.

    Then someone reported a 228 a week or so back.

    Not sure if Grey Colour is still available but you can give them a call and see if they can do a store check for you?

    I spoke to more than 1 NM SA before and they assured me they can ship overseas without a problem. Good luck!:flowers:
  10. hi i'm from melb.. n was looking at the lux bowler earlier this month.. unfortunately.. they are all sold out in syd n melb... i do kno they have received the modern chain collection recently.. but none in the large flap, only in grey and red. cheers~! :smile:
  11. hey ya, jaidi
    thanks for that :flowers: i just emailed the Melbourne Store this morning when I got to work to see if they had any Luxe Bowlers - and now I know! Thanks!!! I'm sad I just love the Luxe Bowler... :love: , but thanks for the info!!! :wlae:
  12. Thanks anyway sweetie. I searched the world for this bag and it's sold out everywhere! :crybaby: Oh well... I hope to chance upon a medium on ebay soon. :sad:
  13. hi... i've been on the NM website.. but there arent any chanel bags... :sad: do they usually hav lots of stock? do you guys request thru email?
  14. Calling all Oz Chanel babes.... do any of you know if there is a White timeless clutch available in stores there?? I'm thinking of taking advantage of the current exchange rate and getting one before the price increase.
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