Chanel Sydney Sale

  1. Just to let the Sydneysiders know that sales have started.

    30% off selected wallets and jewellery.

    older bags and shoes reduced.
  2. where is the sale? what is there in the sale? I want to get a Chanel now.:heart:
  3. Sydney Chanel Store has 30% off selected jewellery, wallets, accessories, shoes.

    Older stock bags reduced, nothing exciting in the bag section.
  4. is this in usa ? if so whats thier number?
  5. Sydney, Australia.
  6. thanks gal, i drop by tomorrow :roflmfao:

  7. Thanks for your reply. Any of the normal quilted bags on sale?
  8. not the quilted classic flaps
    the tote that looklike medallion totes are reduced
  9. Hi Allbrandspls,

    Are designer brands such as Chloe, Fendi things easy to come by in Sydney??? I was originally from Sydney but has moved to the UK for the past 5 years, kinda lost touch with Aus. I am heading home hopefully next year but is worry that I won't get easy access to my fav brands and the selection maybe very limited and also maybe the sales aren't as good.

    cheers! ;)
  10. You can get all those brands here, but they are not as cheap as the UK. Even with VAT, European designer things are cheaper in the UK.

    For example a Chloe Paddington averages 600-700GBP (possibly cheaper) in UK including VAT, that's approximately 1500-1750AUD. The retail price of a Chloe Paddington in Australia is $2500. :sad: You can sometimes (rarely) find them on sale, but even then it's probably equivalent to UK retail price. :crybaby:

    Thankfully, there are online places like NAP that deliver Worldwide.
  11. Thank you leanbeanie! I guess I just have to make the most of it while over here. It is becoming a serious addiction problem. Have bought two Chloe bags and one Celine in the space of a week. My BF would have a heart attack if he finds out! :push:
  12. Aw, I wish I was in Sydney right now so I can check out the Chanel store =(

    Edit, does this sale for for Canada Chanel boutiques too? or only in Sydney?
  13. I only know that Melbourne and Sydney are having sales
  14. I don't know about Canada but I know in the UK it starts 3rd January
  15. Do you know where in London??? thanks :yes: