Chanel Surprises!

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  1. I was rather surprised to get my hands on my latest Chanel purchases because I wasn't looking for them!

    I found these GORGEOUS fuschia pink patent ballerinas while browsing at NM one day and decided to try them on for fun and I was sold!!! The pink really pops, even the SA was surprised that it looks so good on! He was so excited that he decided to get a pair for his wife! :yahoo:
    I am not usually a fan of elastic pretties because they hurt my princessy feet :yucky: but these seemed to sit OK. However, after wearing them all day, I got some blisters on my archilles heel. Un-glam as it sounds, nothing a good big piece of band aid won't fix! :graucho:

    I have seen and tried the glittery pink camellia jellies but they did nothing for me. I have read how coverted they are so I wasn't expecting to find them. But one afternoon, at Barneys, they were just right there sitting on the shelf and even better, they had a full range of sizes for me to try them on!!! Needless to say, these came home to be without any hesitation! :girlsigh: These jellies are very comfy and I feel so happy just walking around in them!

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  2. Love them both! And that pink really does pop, so pretty! And I love the B&W jellies the best, you have great taste!
  3. Cute!
  4. The color does really pop. It will be perfect for Spring.
  5. Oh those are so cute!!
    Love them - congrats
  6. Cute jellies! They do look comfy! I love the huge Camellia!
  7. I was at Barney's today and they have all jellies in colors and sizes.
  8. love the pink flats!

    for the blistering situation, next time you wear it, use a band-aid on the same spot that hurt your feet, it's the best trick i know, and these are way too pretty to feel hurt by using it!
  9. Those pink flats are adorable! Do you mind my asking the style # and price? I think I need these!!!!
  10. Thank you DD01, jellybeanz, bagchic1, Lady Chinadoll and sw33p3a. You gals are just wonderful! :yahoo:

    floralpaul, thanks for the tips! I will try it out! I want to try the new band aid blister aid too! hope it works :idea:

    HURLEYGIRLIE, it's G25139 X01012 C4412, they are $675 before tax. Good luck in looking for them :flowers:
  11. Thanks a bunch!!!
  12. What is the price of B/W Jellies? I so want a pair!
  13. wiley12, they are $345 before tax :girlsigh:
  14. Both are great buys and great for this spring and summer!!! I am sure you will enjoy them!!
  15. love both of them. they're so pretty!