Chanel Sunnies

  1. Okay I was flipping through channels the other day and I landed on MTV. That show super sweet 16 was on and this girl has these sunnies or something that looked just like them. The CC's on the lenses, too cute. I love them!! Gotta have them! So I came on here to look for them and i got this picture from the reference thread. I got it from Chanel4Me83. Does anyone have any info on it? colors they come in? If i can still get them?
  2. I have these sunglasses. Style #4104-B. I bought them over a year ago, but I saw them yesterday at Neiman Marcus. I believe they were marked $340.
  3. Awesome! Thanks so much!:nuts:
  4. Was it the episode where Daddy bought her the $96,000 red jaguar? Or some such luxury car?? Her Mom kept saying "Well, you are my princess" everytime her daughter asked for something. I have never seen such a spoiled teenager...
  5. that jaguar was so out of line.
  6. HAHA..I have these sunnies and I always wear them..They are my fave out of all my Chanels.

  7. Yep that was the one. That show makes me sick...what kind of lessons and morals are these parents teaching their kids? yikes! Thats just my opinon though. Oneday if I ever have a daughter and she wants a Chanel bag (hehe) she will have to save her own money and buy it! 96,000...a little much for a 1st car that she will most likely crash??!! She didn't even have her license! Okay done venting now lol....