Chanel Sunnies~!

  1. Ive gotta admit that Ive been bitten by the sunglasses fever...and I need some help on where to purchase authentic Chanel sunnies online.

    I live in a small town and the nearest Chanel boutique is about 1-4 hours away...:cry:

    Please help~! :P
  2. no one???
  3. has them sometimes and
  4. at last...thank you~!
  5. i'm not sure where else you can get authentic chanel sunnies can dig through tons of fakes on ebay but :Push:....who has the time? your new avatar tho :P
  6. thanks for the compliment jen...funny bc I went looking for a new avatar after I saw your cutie. hehe
  7. Chanel sunglasses are distributed by luxottica. You can check out their site...and a lot of optical retailers carry lux lines and they can often just ask their sales reps to supply them if they open a chanel account.
  8. yes...blushingbaby's post reminded me that a lot of opticians carry chanel glasses/sunglasses (even if you dont need a prescription :P), as do department stores such as bloomies and Saks and i recommend you check out your local eye doctor :smile:
  9. yep, i bought mine from optician, nice since we don't have a chanel here either
  10. Chanel sunglasses make me feel so cool lol. I love mine.
  11. I just got a new pair today! :nuts: I ordered them Thursday, and they arrived at the boutique this morning. They're great :love: It was an overcast/rainy day, but I still wore them while driving home from work :P

    Hope you're able to find a pair you like, texaschic. Worth the splurge! :nuts:
  12. :love: :love: I love mine-- I too purchased them from an optician.
  13. If you can I would suggest trying them on. Even if it is a hike its worth it. In my experience...the Chanel Glasses all fit very differently. Some just do not fit me and others are uncomfortable..but when you find the one that is right........its sooooo right!!

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
  14. go to optometrist... and if ur a student.. ur health insurance may cover the sunglasses! no joke! it's discounted!!!!