Chanel sunnies~questions and info.

  1. Questions:
    1. Have you ever bought cc sunnies from an online store? Your experience? I'm so frustrated that most don't give more than one view of the glasses!
    2. What's with some sunnies I see online have a clear sticker with the logo on it? Others don't? The ones in the chanel store and others don't have that, did they remove it?

    Notes : Went to Sole mio ( a part of sunglass hut ) I just got a pair of 6018's but now I think I wanna change it. I almost got some 5076's but the SA just reaffirmed what I was thinking "too many fakes out there of this model." They didn't have these other models that I now see online of 5080 and 6012. I now want one of those instead. I see some of you have the 5080. I'm assuming the 5000 no series means they have been out longer? Anyone has any pics of these on or side angle I'd luv to see it.

    Info: The SA told me that if I ever purch something w/rhinestones they wld replace it for free for a year should any fall out! Wow cool. My GF who was with me sd whe wld now get her sunnies from there bc her ccs and sfs have many sparkles and she always gets worried about them coming out.

    Comments anyone?