Chanel sunnies and case

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  1. My friend just bought these sunnies from SAKS on line and would like to know what color case it comes in.. it didn't say. She wants the one I have which is white (irredesence, but I have the MOP). Does anyone know?

  2. sorry i don';t know the answer. but those are soo cute! how did she order them from saks online
  3. Perhaps they have changed the case but my recent purchases of sunnies and glasses came in a black quilted case:

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  4. Sunnies are really cute but I did not think you could order Chanel online through Saks.. how did she do that?
  5. ^ I know you can order by calling Saks, but online, I don't think you can.
  6. do they do online catalog ordering? cause you can technically order chanel online through is it Niemans?? but you have to have codes and such, so it may be the same for saks.
  7. Correction sorry, just called her.. the lady at Saks order them online for her at Saks, because they were out of the tortoise color. Saks is having them shipped from BH... Saks I guess or would they come from Chanel?