Chanel Sunnies #4164

  1. These are new for either Cruise or S/S. I tried them on at Chanel this last Saturday. I LOVE these, but am struggling with the $530 price tag.
    4164 Sunglass Colors.JPG
  2. love these Monica... I got to go look into these.....
    Yikes $530.00 its better than the $620.00 I spent on my ones last year
  3. I think they are super cute, I want them as well! I can never pass up on chanel sunnies!
  4. Mon I LOVE those!!! I'd rather pay that for those sunnies than the price tag that comes w/ the hair accessories at a few hundred $ more.
    At least you can wear the sunnies everyday.

    I never lose or damage my sunnies though, so I tend to justify spending a lot on them :p
  5. ^^I'm pretty easy with my sunnies too 'cause I tend to resell them to fund my next sunnies purchase.

    Maybe I'll use my Saks points gift card towards them. I hope I have enough points to buy them.

    ETA: Woo Hoo! I think I have enough points to buy these sunnies from Saks.:yahoo:
  6. I just got these and they're awesome! Sporty and blingy at the same time, LOL. I say go get them Mon!
  7. They are gorgeous...i was going to get them but i think the 4145's are better for me..these glasses are $720AUD...way too much!!!
  8. Which color lenses did you get?
  9. Gah those sides are great, but they feel too much like my Cruise ones from last year. 530 is insane, I'm glad I got my last ones for a hundred less. Their prices are just silly now~
  10. I still can't pay over $500 for sunnies.