Chanel Sunglasses

  1. I recently bought a mother of pearl sunglasses - the one with huge logo on the side.

    And I wore it to school and obviously got everyones attention and people said it was gorgeous and xxxx
    some girl said (obviously, behind my back but loud enough so I can hear it, bxxxx) "there aren't any girls who wear Chanel anymore" or something like that.

    OMG, I feel so bad now. I spent like 400 bucks on this thing, and I didnt know someone could say stuff like that to Chanel.

    Can Chanel sunglasses be outdated? they are all black and have medium to large lenses - not as huge as dior glossy.
    OMG I FEEL SOOOOOOO BAD! should I return mine?????

    *let's watch our language, K?
  2. Girls can be so *****y sometimes!

    In my opinion, Chanel sunglasses are extremely popular and many, many people are wearing them... unfortunately! I wish less people were wearing them and I could be more exclusive and not so commonplace.

    In any case, I think that girl was very jealous of you and your fabulous sunglasses!
  3. there's NOTHING outdated about Chanel.
    I'm not sure how old you are, but maybe they're a little over the top for school{?}
  4. please let the hateful WITCHES hate..
    thats all it is..
    chanel will be around forever and a day......
    wear the COCOS and wear them WELL !!!!
  5. I totally agree w/ Amanda. Chanel speaks to class and good taste. Unfortunately some people, I would think especially @ school, are not aware of what real class and real designer status is.They rely on trends to make them feel accepted. Therefore, they cannot appreciate an authentic designer item such as the glasses mentioned in your post. Maybe you are just at the "head of your class" when it comes to good taste and the others don't get it. Like Amanda says those sunnies are probably over the top for school. Coco Chanel is a legend in fashion design and ANYTHING that comes from The House of CHANEL is NEVER, I repeat NEVER outdated. Rethink the situation before you return the glasses. Do you want to blend in with the trend or stand out as an individual? Chanel is a class all its own!!

  6. i think i have the dior glossy :sweatdrop: but seriously it fits my face the best so far.

    and if those chanel looks great on you, why not? and they're chanels! like others have said, that stands for something.

    so no, it's not outdated. it's timeless. it's been long enough that it's established itself and if it were to come out with something funky and un-chanel like some people would still buy it because it's chanel!
  7. She was just jealous and it was her way of making you feel bad.

    Go rock you Chanel sunnies!
  8. I agree with the earlier posts - she totally sounds jealous or clueless. Chanel is much more exclusive than other brands, so maybe if all her friends aren't wearing them she thinks they're not chic. I have my eye on two pairs of Chanel sunglasses. My problem is picking which one. Both would be nice... :P
  9. I have a few pairs and my daughter (who is a freshman in college) loves them and "borrowed" a pair. She couldn't care less what anyone thinks, she loves how they look. If you like them, enjoy them, don't worry about what other people think! They may be jealous.:shrugs:
  10. Chanels are a classic! :yes:

    gennx01, I have the identical pair as you and I wear it all the time :heart: (since March 2005). They are so much better than the Gucci ones that I have in terms of sun protection. So wear yours proudly. :smile:

    The only thing I noticed is that a lot of people in San Franciso have this pair for some reason. I often see 2-3 girls with the same pair of sunglasses as me when I go to Union Square or walk around in Palo Alto...
  11. one word. jealousy. chanel is classic. period.
  12. Girls with good taste and class wear them!
    She's just a hater.
  13. ^^ dittoo
  14. Women are catty at any age. I'm 46 and work with some real haters. They hate for no other reason than because they are miserable with themselves. Unfortunately, they can be hard to ignore.

    I agree with everyone - Chanel is classic and you should NOT return them!
  15. :yes: Just ignore! Chanel is classic and always in style.