chanel sunglasses

  1. i really want some chanel sunglasses but how much do they cost? i can't find any sites to look up prices and bags they have, where do you guys go?
  2. we go to the stores that carry them and report back.
    Chanel sunnies are *usually* between $300-$400.

    Look through our Reference Library for photos of most of Chanel's handbags, it's better than any one store and much better than Chanel's own website.
  3. You can go to Chanel's website to the eyewear section, and locate a store near you that carries them. Most Lens Crafters stores carry them.
  4. ^there's no prices on the website though.
    Some websites carry authentic Chanel sunnies, you may try doing a search, it's been asked a lot.
  5. The three pairs I have were all between $345 and $375 retail. I usually wait until Bloomingdales holds their Friends & Family sale - this past spring I got the new 6014's at 20% off, and this fall I saved $40 off the 5080b with a Nordstrom Rewards Certificate. Even at retail, I find Chanel sunglasses are well worth it!
  6. They are the best sunnies HANDS DOWN!! the best. Well worth the price. Sunglass hut sells them in high end malls, but not on their website. If you buy from SGH they have a warranty & will replace them even if you break them for 50% of retail.
  7. i buy all my sunnies from lenscrafter!

    they are usually around 300 and up :biggrin:

    they are really nice quality :biggrin: and the mother of pearl on most of them are so STUNNING!
  8. I love Chanel Sunnies! I have two pairs right now and they've been fabulous!
  9. I was just telling her she can locate a store near her that carries them. She can call the store, or pop in to get prices.
  10. I called to 1800-Chanel couple months ago and asked, they are usually around $325 pretax. Unfortunately if you go to smaller boutiques, often times they mark up the price $50+ more so please becareful which store you call to and dont' get rip off ;)
  11. I usually buy my Chanels from Saks --- next week is their Friends & Family sale - maybe they will be included?
  12. For today only, Saks has "Buy Some Get Some" going on. My SA called and told me that he wasn't ringing up my metalic bowler until today so that I could get a $300 gift card :yahoo: which is great by me. So, I sould have my bag the beginning of next week :nuts: .
  13. Great, congratulations!
    You might want to ask him if your bag qualifies for next weeks Friends & Family at 20% off.

  14. Actually, it depends on the style. My NM and my Chanel boutique have their sunnies priced exactly the same, but there's a TON of them closer to the $400 mark.
    I don't look anywhere else for them though.
  15. Hmmmm, I'll have to ask him. Thanks for the heads up :flowers: .