Chanel Sunglasses

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  1. I am dying to have a pair of Chanel sunnies in 4164b color 1088g. Anyone have tips on how to get them at a discount? I am considering the following:

    currently they have 5% off with code ABC

    -lenscrafters....maybe I can beg for a discount?

    ...any other ideas? I have considered ebay but it is so hard to get sellers to respond with the photos I need to authenticate and I refuse to buy something and wonder if it is real Chanel.
  2. has em for 399.00 I don't know how much of a discount you are looking for. sunglassesitaly sells the real deal and you want the real deal. has em for 375.00
  3. Wow...thanks! Are you sure is an authentic reseller? That price is perfect!!!!
  4. check out their site and the testimonials as well as about the company..I believe they have a 7 day return policy...
  5. I may try unless anyone has other ideas. They seem to be ok but there are some bad reviews...but none seem to be any big deal and they don't look like they are in the US. I am just a worry wart I guess....probably because of one bad ebay transaction a few years ago.
  6. I don't blame you at don't want to lose out.
  7. klarzilla on ebay has a the pair you want for 347.00 98% positive feedback...
  8. I'm thinking sunglassesitaly may be my best bet because I know several tpf members who have actually ordered from them. I loved the prices on the other site....and btw, thanks crisn11, but I am concerned they might not be authentic. The only site I might consider if I don't go with my first choice is stupid as it may sound I have a concern about them because their testimonial page lists 3,000 positive ratings but if you ask them for a source they provide a link with only 116 reviews so I worry that this is a sign.....
  9. yea it's better to have peace of mind and know that your shades are authentic..
  10. Sorry to rehash an old thread, but I was told to do a search for my question on and this thread is what pops up. Does anyone know if they're legit? Thanks!