Chanel Sunglasses

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  1. I'm in love with Chanel sunnies that I saw at Nordstrom, but I don't want to pay retail. Does anyone know where to buy discounted chanel sunnies? I saw couple of sunnies that I want on eBay, but I don't know whether it's authentic or not. Are there a super fake Chanel sunnies? bec, I only want to buy authentic one. Thanks...
  2. I would stay away from eBay with glasses. There are so many fakes there. However, someone may know of a legitimate dealer.
  3. hi!

    I second that! I've never, ever seen an authentic pair of Chanel on eBay for anythig nless than retail. & the trouble is the fakes are pretty darn good! THe major issue with fakes is that they are really harmful to your eyes, most of them are not even real sunglasses~ the lenses haven't been treated with uv glazes or anything so you can actually damage your eyes if you wear them. I would do a search on the net. There are quite a lot of UK companies who sell pretty cheap over the net. not rock bottom bargain basement you understand, but maybe 15-30% less.

    The other thing would be to find an official distributor & ask for a discount. Often they'll discount to get the sale that would other wise go to the big companies. or if you have contacts/glasses, see if your optician can get you the style you want. They will often offer discount too if you are getting your regular glasses etc from them. I bought two pairs from my local optician a few months ago becasue I managed to get them to give me discount! I got one pair half price! s othat was nearly £100 I saved!
  4. do a search on here, this has come up several times and people have recommended ebay sellers that they've bought authenticate glasses from.
  5. ooops, we don't permit any selling on tPF.
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