Chanel Sunglasses.....

  1. Ever go on sale? I am a photo student and while I love all of my handbags I don't want to fork over a ton of money on Chanel sunglasses for one shoot. I am finishing my senior portfolio and my luxury brands shots are an LV and Chanel. I luckly have a LV bag and a friend who is a model and a chanel LOVER and has a very classic chanel bag and clothing. Unfortunatly she is like me and prefers dior sunglasses to chanel sunglasses.... do they ever go on sale??? I am sure that i would wear them if I got them but I just really don't want to spend more then I have to on a pair of sunnies that I am getting for a shoot.
  2. i found it hard to see myself paying $300+ on a pair of sunglasses so I actually got lucky and found mine in a consignment shop for....$50!!!!!!!!! Quite the exception lol.

    ooo and you only want to photograph them? then idk if you should consider spending the money
  3. Bloomingdale's allows for return of sunglasses, so possibly you could use them for shoot and if you don't want to keep them, you could bring them back?
  4. I would hope that you wouldn't follow that advice... Like the discussion on returning used bags, this matter is controversial. But I know that you wouldn't want to buy a pair of Dior sunglasses thinking they were new, but actually someone else wore them for a day. Sorry I didn't answer your question, but maybe you can find someone who will let you borrow them... (someone who is not a store)
  5. luvhautecouture,

    I would NEVER DREAM of doing that. I know lots of kids who do that in photography school with all kinds of things and I think it is just plan wrong. If you have to buy stuff to shoot you should shoot the things you love so when you spend the money at least you have something you like out of it. when I buy clothing for shoots I buy them in my size and pin them to fit on the models I shoot. (who are mostly my friends). The borrowing them is a no go I have asked close to everyone I know. I was just wondering if they ever went on sale anywhere... I really don't care what they look like or what style they are just as long as there is a visual logo... I am sure i will just end up buying some at Nordstroms I think they were only like 325 and at least they looked cute on me.
  6. Yes, and I didn't mean to directly attack archygirl. I'm sorry that it kind of comes off like that...

    Good luck with your photo shoot!
    I got a pair for $285 (full price) on Rodeo Drive... They have the Chanel logo on them... That might be around the least expensive pair... good luck!