Chanel Sunglasses

  1. What's the average price of Chanel sunglasses? TIA!
  2. average is around $400 - some are a little less, some are $200 more!
  3. ^ $350.00 to $400.00. But I have seen some under $300.00.
  4. i just bought a pair with quilted leather on the side that were 900 CAD :shocked:
  5. I paid $755 CAD for mine; I can't believe I actually paid that much for a pair of sunglasses, and I probably wouldn't again. They are so perfect though! I think most of the ones I'd been looking at at the time were $500 - 600ish CAD.
  6. oh maybe it was 700. opps i dont remember. i just remember thinking this is ridiculous.. but heres my credit card...
  7. i bought a pair for €296 in Netherland. but i saw in another stores for €283 and even more expensice €308 with the same model.
  8. I bought a pair last year for $450 and recently another for $375, so I'm guessing they range from $350-$500.
  9. Does anyone know a good reputable website that carries authentic Chanel sunglasses? Any recommendations?
  10. well for now, they actually range from 290-600 in the states. the newer holiday version [with the camilias] are ranging from 445-530. HTH! any in particular that you need a price for? or need help finding? [:
  11. from what I see in the UK around £150-250
  12. I was wondering the same thing...I'm looking for the ones she has on :drool: Anyone know? TIA
  13. What's retail for the squarish ones with mother of pearl (model 5076 or something?)
  14. In Austria they're around 220-240€, there might be more expensive ones, but you get the idea
  15. The ones I liked at Neiman Marcus were around $675. :nogood:

    The plainer ones go for high 300's. Average is closer to 400-500's. All the ones I like seem to be $600+.