chanel sunglasses..???

  1. Hi everyone...hoping u can help me out.
    i've been looking for some chanel sunglasses, but i can't find them :sad: the thing is i don't know the model, they look like the ones i the picture, but the logo is in rhinestones
    pleeeasee help me out!
  2. here's the pic...

  3. hmmm i don't know either. where are you located? try going to a eyeglass store and asking them. they can order them for you. i know people who work in eyeglass spots and they can make orders from the chanel sellers. even the actual chanel store could help they prob have a book of the chanel sunglasses.
  4. Sorry i'm not expert on Chanel sunnies but as NYCBelle Said Try Chanel and maybe print out that picture?
    Good luck!
  5. I had ones like that but with rhinestones but lost them at the beach :cry: I hope you find them, the ones I had got discontinued.
  6. I don't think Chanel makes those anymore, but I'm not sure. I like Dior sunnies more so I'm not that familiar.

    I would go online and see if you can find a pair that is similar.
  7. Cute Pair....

    maybe try posting in the Chanel forum...they helped me out with finding my style :yes:
  8. The model is CC 5086BC, and if I remember correctly, from Chanel eyewear spring/summer 2005 collection.
    CC 5086BC.jpg
  9. Thanx everyone...
    Chaneller thanx a lot, im going to look the up:tup:
  10. :smile: Good luck!

    I hope you'll find them.:tup: