chanel sunglasses

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  1. price range?
  2. ?
  3. i've seen from $275-$425
  4. i heard that some run for $600?
  5. ya i have seen one that was about $600 ish; it had a LOT of crystals/rhinestones? on the sides of the sunglasses, so i'm guessing thats the reason behind the price tag
  6. I think the more ornate they are the pricier they are. Like the mother of pearls are around $350=$375ish. The rhinestone ones I saw started at $375 and ran up to $600. I think the $600 one is the starburst rhineston chanel. I think a PF'er here started a thread with photos. It has CC's and then a burst of rhinestones coming from it.
  7. If you ever get a chance to fly into Heathrow airport, that's the BEST place to get sunnies because they're tax free.
    I paid about $125 less for the black style with the white camellias.
    I believe the retail here is around $350.
    After the exchange, I paid around $225
    I fly there once or twice a year to visit my in-laws and it's almost become sort of the norm to pick up a pair everytime I come home LOL.
  8. WOW! That's an amazing deal. As an aside, I wish my in-laws lived in London so I could visit there twice a year! :p
  9. i have the Swavarski Crystal Sunglasses and they were 620 plus tax. I love them. I got the dark black on black ones !! they are so dark I can barley see out of
  10. They seem to be getting more pricey. The last pair I bought, which was last week, were $475.
  11. I got the darkest lens too on the black with white flowers that came to just over $400 after tax.
  12. Mine were $390 plus tax.
  13. I just bought one for my mom for her birthday a couple of days back, 920 SGD, so divide that by about 1.58 I guess to get USD.

    I never really looked into chanel shades before, so hahah admittedly I was kinda like omg! so exp! at the price, since like prada and dior shades are like 1/2 - 2/3 that price, but my mom was sooooo excited so I just had to get them for her :p

    good thing I didn't see any bags I really wanted at the shop (kinda of a rule not to step into singapore chanel cuz I really can't justify spending that much in my own home country where I study, live etc :p), they did have the baby animal flats and accessories thoh, but no more flap :sad: :sad: :sad:

    I thought most of the bags were ugly, abit of weird colour combinations? that imo really clashed, so yeah, was disappointed with it!

    they did have the charm bag, but it looked really tiny on the mannequin for some reason mm.

    anyway, will take a picture of the shades, which my mom absolutely loves to bits haha she was like a little girl so excited with the "bling" shades, so oh well :p

    (and yes, she has been wearing it in front of the LCD screen in her office because she claims there is glare :p from the computer)
  14. I love these, they showed these to us at the luncheon, they're cool when they open/close!:p
  15. Mine is 250$