Chanel sunglasses...where is it made?

  1. I searched for a similiar topic, so my apologies if it has already been posted...

    My friend got her "Chanel" sunglasses online (I fogot the website)...I am not sure they are authentic because on the right hand side, inside, it says "made in Italy." I thought all products were made in France. :shrugs:

    I am no expert and was wondering if you could clarify or give me examples.
  2. I think Chanel items are made in France and Italy. I have a few bags made in France and my baby cabas made in Italy. :yes:

    I also just checked my sunnies.. and they are made in Italy too. :p Bought them from the boutique so I think they should be authentic! :shame:
  3. That's correct, they are made in Italy and it should be on the right hand side. In front of that it should say Chanel in capital letters, with the c mark on the left and the r mark on the right.

    On the left hand side must be the serial and color number.
  4. Just called my friend, and yup, looks like they are authentic...Thanks...

    so funny b/c she didn't know who or where to ask aside from going into a chanel boutique, and i said, "I know where, the purse forum!"

    I love this place :love:
  5. Chanel sunnies (among other high end designer brands) are made by Luxottica in Italy. I think they are the exclusive manufacturer for Chanel.
  6. All my Chanel sunglasses were made in Italy, as were my shoes :yes: