Chanel sunglasses wanted!!!


material girl**
Jun 6, 2008
Is it possible to find Chanel 5120 sunglasses (w/ black and white color) anywhere in Chanel boutique (best if in London and Europe)??? Have you seen them available at all in the boutique? or since they are from 2008, so Chanel doesn't carry them anymore (or maybe totally sold out)?

I just want to try them on first to see how it looks b/c I'm now deciding btw the 5154 and 5120. Which one do you think is better? (I kinda prefer the 5120 though b/c the 5154 kinda looks more edgy and the 5120 is more feminine) But anyway I want to see how it fits me first!

My Chanel-to-buy list is growing day-by-day! This is to blame the wait I have to bear until April!


Dec 27, 2008
^ hmmm...I think I saw these a few months ago (maybe different color, similar style) at Nordstrom & Chanel SCP (California). Maybe you can call a SA to check stock on it? Not sure if you'd want to order from the US ---might be too much of a hassle?
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Miss World

Nov 6, 2006
I tried to order the Chanel 5120 earlier in the year, but the supplier said they were discontinued and i couldn't order them. The 5120 was an extremely popular style which I'm pretty sure are sold out by now. I even called the Chanel boutique in my area but they were sold out.

But I'm sure there are some still lurking around at some sunglasses boutiques somewhere. The 5154 is cute too, i love the small CC logo on the front. The Chanel 5120 has a flatter front, while the 5154 curves more with your face. You could buy either one of them online at or on ebay.