Chanel sunglasses - stones falling

  1. I have these sunglasses only a short time and already three stones have fallen out. I brought them to my SA at NM and he sent them to be fixed but was told they could not do anything. Is this happening with anyone else's Chanel sunglasses? I am really upset about this because these sunglasses were expensive. What can I do?:sos:
  2. That's strange! Are those the 4117's? I have a pair in white, and they're in pristine condition with no loose crystals - the only sign of wear is scratches on the lenses. How long ago did you buy them? I'm surpirse they couldn't do anything for you!
  3. they should take them back, Chanel's carry a 1 year warranty:yes:
  4. I've had them less than a year, probably more like six months. I don't wear them every day either. They are 4117-B. I did not buy them at NM. I actually bought them at a store in Lake Tahoe. I was telling my handbag SA in NM about it and he said, "Give them to me. We sell those here. I'll try to get them fixed for you." He just told me today he was told nothing can be done, that Chanel can't (won't) fix them. I guess I'll have to try to contact Chanel directly and see if they will fix them. What else can I do?:shrugs: :confused1:
  5. I will try to get a number for them. Thanks for the info, Swanky!
  6. Did you buy them in a Chanel boutique?
  7. I would go to chanel boutique and ask for help, they gotta be able to fix it! Good luck!
  8. Unfortunately I did not. I bought them at a boutique right at the ski resort. They sold several designer brand sunglasses and other accessories. I actually bought a different pair. When I got home I decided they were too small. The sun kept getting in my eyes. I sent them back and got this pair. What should I do?:confused1:
  9. After several phone calls I found out the following info regarding repairs and replacement of Chanel sunglasses. I thought I'd pass it on in case anyone needs this info. You have to send the sunglasses to:
    Luxottica Group
    Attention: Consumer Returns Dept.
    PO Box 304
    Roslyn, New York 11576
    You need to include:
    proof of purchase
    name, address, and telephone number
    a check or money order for $12.50 for "processing fees."
  10. That's interesting. I guess we're supposed to save every receipt for every purchase from now on.

    Do you have to send it registered mail? I once sent something back to a company and they told me they never received it. How long does the repair usually take?