Chanel Sunglasses S 2007 5018

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Im new to this part of the forum! Hello!

    Im looking for the Spring 2007 Style 5018 sunglasses black with gradient gray

    Ive been lusting after them since i saw them in my vogue, harpers, or elle(dont remember which) several months ago

    The only ones i know of currently are on eBay for 495 as the current bid.

    The price of the glasses are actually way out of my budget, but i may splurge and get them If i can actually find them

    Any help would be appreciated... (if its at a Saks location.. even better and actually preferred, my cousin is an SA there)

  2. id appreciate any help at all.. so please someone help!
  3. i found mine at NM newpor beach in April or May of this year. also saw a few pairs earlier this summer at Saks BH, but you should just call around as I'm not sure they ordered too much of this style. This style was just lagging till nicole ritchie started wearing them!
  4. i was LOVING this style as soon as i saw them in my magazine!

    but thank you ill ask my cousin to find out which Saks has it
  5. good luck, hope you find them...
  6. Does anyone know where I Can find some similar to these sunglasses? They go for 1000 on ebay and i cant afford that... AHHH i really want a pair these are so cute!!! thanks
  7. picture is from
  8. any replicas of these??? i really want a pair....
  9. these go for like 1000 on ebay its sick!!!!!!! if someone can help me find them i would pay retail for them pleaseeeee
  10. I'd call a Chanel boutique or the 1800 number or even a neimans or saks and they can probably locate it? Maybe some other members know where to find it?
  11. I just bought a pair from Neiman. My SA said it was the last one. The price is $450. If you will not find them in USA stores, you probably can find it somewhere in the Chanel Boutique's outside the US.
  12. H2girl: when did you buy your pair? i tried getting a pair 1 week ago from my SA and she said it's completely sold out in NM. the price is $425 before tax.

    it's completely sold out across the US in NM , boutiques and probably Saks.

    i've been trying to find them i think i can prob give up. acks!
  13. we will probably have to wait like 10 months before actually getting them....
  14. iwearheels: why 10 months? you mean they're reissuing them again?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.