Chanel Sunglasses Repair?

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  1. I have a pair of Chanel Sunglasses from last spring & the opal-esque CC logo on the side broke:sad: ...If I take them to a Chanel Boutique will they send out for repair?
  2. Where did you buy them from originally? If it's from a botique, NM, Saks they should be able to take care of it
  3. Take them back to the shop where you bought them. You have a 2 year guarantee with Chanel sunglasses.
  4. A friend of a friend offered to sell me a pair of her old glasses. I don't remember the style number but they have the Cs in crystals except a few of the crystals fell out and she lost them. Will Chanel repair the glasses or is their policy only for the bags?
  5. You have to send them Luxxotica.. I don't think they replace the crystals though.. You need to send them the receipt as well.. There are a few threads on this already. I started one myself Here is the 800 for luxxotica 1-800-343-5594. Good luck
  6. Thanks for the info and sorry for the double post! I couldn't find it with the search function.
  7. My friend has similar sunglasses (maybe the same!). They're the ones with the crystals on the front part of the glasses.
    Hers fell out too, and Chanel repaired them for her... I think for free if I remember correctly. But they took FOREVER. They told her 2 days and it was a week! But when she got them back the crystals looked perfect again. So yes, there is a repair policy for glasses.
  8. I have some that are a gift and hence no receipt, what if I need them fixed?
  9. ^^You can take them to a store like Fantas-eyes or Sunglass Hut or other retailer that sells Luxxotica sunglasses. I had to have a lens replaced in my mother of pearl logo ones and they were able to fix them for me. I had originally purchased them at my Nordstrom's but the Sunglass Hut I went to was able to fix them for me. Come to think of it, Nordie's sunglass department was the place that recommended that I go upstairs to the sunglass place to have the lens replaced. No receipt was needed by the way, but I did have to pay about $25 for the repair.
  10. I literally bought a brand new pair of Chanel Sunglasses 5114B (Brown) two days ago and one of the Swarovski crystals fell out. I went back to the retailer and they told me that all sales are final and there is nothing they can do! Can anyone tell me what I should do? And is this even suppose to happen with Chanel sunglasses that have crystals in them?
  11. Jeez, who was the retailer? Those glasses are much to expensive for someone to tell you all sales are final! Maybe call Chanel directly.
  12. The crystals sometimes do fall out of the glasses and also earrings. What retailer did you purchase from b/c I know places like Nordstrom, Saks, NM all send them back for repair. I would talk to the manager of the store and force the issue. After that, you'd have to contact Luxotica, which I believe is the company that supplies the Chanel glasses.
  13. Seriously right! Im not asking for a refund I just want my glasses to be fixed. I've heard of crystals falling out of some of there glasses but does anyone know if it's a common problem?
  14. That's not right since you've only had them for two days. They should at least be able to exchange them for another pair! I would go back and speak to the manager, first politely and if he or she is unreasonable, speak an octave or two higher so other customers in the store can hear you. The longer you wait the harder it will be to get resolution as they can use the timeline in their favor, saying you weren't careful with the glasses. So return to the store post haste!
  15. OMG! I just answered your question on Y! Answers. lmao

    remeber me? call Chanel directly. I left you a number back on that website. just ask for repairing