Chanel sunglasses... pics

  1. Can't wait for summer/spring! Love some of these... and of course, each model comes in lots of colors.





  2. 6.JPG

  3. The first ones look like 5076H's.
    Is that the model # ???
    I have 4 of them. They are by far my favorites !!:love:
  4. LOVE them all! Thanks for sharing Annie!

    I'd probably buy #1, I like a big plastic pair to use as a headband!
  5. Love this green pair!

  6. So cute! I am trying to justify adding another pair of sunglasses to my collection. DH doesn't think I need anymore.
  7. They are all so cute.
  8. I am on the waitlist for when these come in, just not sure which color will be available yet.

  9. I'm in love with #2&#3!!!
  10. I'm surprised that the sunnies I saw in the fashion show are not in the web page!!
    Does anyone know if those would be out for sale? I'm referring to the big round black sunnies with a small white CC on the sides... All the models were wearing them!
  11. I love #2.
  12. i love no. 6 - the white with the black camellias and black "cc" on one side. my teeth will look yellow with the white frames though but i have wanted these for so long, that i just won't smile when wearing them......................:noworry: :weird:

    (also love the green)
  13. Yes, I asked about them, too. I heard that it is not considered a part of the sunglasses line but a part of the fashion accessories lline so they will sell them with the handbags & jewelry. Seattle Nordstrom is supposed to get some in and I am pretty sure they will be in elsewhere, too.