Chanel Sunglasses on sale anywhere?

  1. Please let me know if you see Chanel Sunglasses on sale anywhere.

    I'm off to Vegas in the morning so I'll be searching and honestly I don't even know if their sunglasses go on sale ever, but thought it might be worth asking.

    There's a pair I'm trying to find:

    Style # 4141Q

    Thank you!!
  2. I recently was in the market for chanel sunglasses as well and to my dismay they are never on I ended up biting the bullet and just paid retail because I really wanted them. The only chance you might have is the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that starts on Friday theu MAY have them on sale but not sure. If they carry the style you are looking for.
  3. i think they were included in the bloomies f&f a while ago. you could also get them next time Saks has an egc event. at least get some gift card money to spend on other stuff. i think they're included in that too.
  4. Thank you so much!