Chanel Sunglasses in Singapore

  1. I intend to buy a pair of Chanel sunglasses in Singapore and was wondering if anyone can recommend any shops that can offer a good deal? Thanks!
  2. As far as I know, even those shops that give good discounts off designer sunglasses, they are not allowed to mark down Chanel sunglasses. :nogood: But I've ever seen a 10% discount on all Chanel sunglasses during a sale event at Isetan Scotts.

    Other than special events, I guess the only 'discount' you can probably get is the 7% GST refund if you are a tourist. If you are staying in Singapore, you can apply for Isetan card, which gives you 5% off if you buy from Isetan, or the DBS Takashimaya card, which gives up to 6% rebate if you buy at Takashimaya. If you have the DBS Black card, there are certain days during the sale season in May/Jun or Nov/Dec period where you can get 10% rebate off your purchase at any shop in Ngee Ann City, including luxury boutiques like Chanel.