Chanel Sunglasses !!! Help !!!

  1. Ok so I was at this sunglass store a few months ago (so im assuming they are a 06 model). I need help finding a pair of Chanel sunglasses that they dont carry any more.

    They have a black frame and black lens. (Med. sized frame ... no stunna shades)

    Plastic box type frame (i think they had some roundness to them)

    Rhinestone CC on the sides (just the CC is box or other design)

    Unisex looking (im a guy so...)

    they look very similar to these...but the rhinestone CC is a lil more exaggerated and i think the frame was a lil more boxy

  2. Have you tried the ref. library?

    Or maybe someone here owns them and knows the style #??

    I don't know if they would be on the Chanel website or not..they don't look too framiliar to me. But you might wanna check there anyways.
  3. I got an authentic pair from eBay for a reasonable price.
  4. i tried looking on Chanel's website...they only have the 07 line up

    Checked eBay .... no luck

    I was hoping someone had the pair i was looking for ...

  5. OK so i googled like crazy for what i think they look like ... i think i found them on a site ... used the Style # and searched eBay

    so i think these are it ... now my question is what would you think if you saw an asian guy wearing these =P

  6. Hi, David!

    Those are the 6008-B, correct? I actually have them in brown...

    I'm not sure what I would think if I saw a guy wearing them. I think it depends a lot on face shape, and how well you pull it off.

    I personally have an easier time envisioning a man wearing Chanel aviators. Are you at all interested in Chanel aviators?
  7. Cool! Glad you found them! I think if you like them then you should get them! Who cares what anyone thinks :yes: I've seen guys wear Chanel sunglasses before.
  8. I agree 100% with Skinny. I think you should buy what you like, regardless of what anybody else thinks
  9. ya i think thats the Style # ... im not a fan of Avi's ... my face isnt wide enough ... i deno ... i think avi's make me look like a Colombian drug lord =P
  10. Ya everyone says they look good on me ... but everyone is iffy about the rhinestones ... i love rhinestones for some reason ... they feel really good on my face... its hard for me to find a pair of sunglasses that dont hit my cheeks and dont allow my long eye lashes to brush against the lens...but these ones do it for me ... my friend can also get these for me at wholesale (she said like around 200 bucks) if worst comes to worst ill just sell them for how much i got them for ... im sure someone will hop on the sale if i need to sell

    Thanks for your input !!!!!!
  11. My husband loves designer sunnies too, he used to always consider the rhinestones. Anyway, I think that style would be awesome, but you should get the same style frame with the white CC logo instead of rhinestones. But its just an opinion, definately get what you like!
  12. ^^^do they have that style with the white mother of pearl ???