Chanel sunglasses for smaller faces??

  1. Does Chanel make any shield/wrap around style sunglasses that would work for smaller faces? I love the style but the Chanels I've tried swallow my whole face up (& unfortunately, I'm not into the Nicole Richie look..) TIA!
  2. My face is very small and I just bought the Chanel 5064-B and I LOVE TEM! They fit my face perfect!


    Here is a pic of them on me. Its one of those corny self taken pics, but you can see the glasses close up. It has the rhinestone CC on the sides. My face is on the small side and oval. I had a really hard time finding Chanel sunglasses that wouldnt swallow my face up too. These fit great. I love em![​IMG]
  3. I have a smaller face and I bought a pair this week. . . let me go find the link. . .
  4. OOPS, I guess it didnt work. Here is the pic. The rhinestone CC's are on the sides. They didnt swallow my face up like other styles did.

    (self taken pic, but you can see glasses clearly)
  5. acegirl - we really are body twins. i have a small face too and was told to try the 5076Hs. i was at Saks this past weekend and tried them but they still seemed to big. i was in a hurry so may look at them again. i will let you know if i find ones that work and will try some of the ones suggested here.
  6. ^Thanks Chigirl, I wish I had somewhere to try on some different ones but unfortunately, I will probably have to order some. And you know how ordering sunglasses can be- like bathing suits. Buying 10 just to find 1 you can live with! At $400 a pop, I definitely can order too many to try...

    Also thanks girls~ your glasses are great! I appreciate the info :flowers:
  7. I have a small face and wear the 5076H and also the new 6014. They are not supersized but not super small either. I think they compliment a smaller face nicely.
  8. nice look
  9. I think they are 5080B.