Chanel Sunglasses buying tips

  1. hi everyone...
    i just got my first pair of Chanel sunnies :yes:
    i got the black 5113 (the one with the white flowers on the temples) from Nordies but had a couple questions as i'm a newbie to chanel:
    1) should the serial number on the glasses match the one on the cardboard box?
    2) should i have received an authenticity card or guarantee card? - i see many auctions on eBay that provides this just an eBay thing or does Nordstrom give this too?

    the only thing i got from my purchase was: the sunglasses itself, the hard case, cardboard box, cloth bag, and a chanel shopping bag. did the SA forget to include anything?

    thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. I just received a new pair of Chanel sunglasses from Nordies and it came with exactly what you described above. I have there pairs of Chanel sunnies and none of them came with a plastic authenticity card that comes with the bags. There is no serial number on the box, only on the glasses.
  3. I have several pairs of Chanel sunglasses and they all came with a Chanel care booklet that says Chanel Luxotica Group (the manufacturer) and a white paper chanel hang tag with a black string thru the top that is has the model number filled in and stamped by the authorized Chanel retailer.

    All my glasses are older models (pre 2006) so what I received might be different from what is included for new models.
  4. I have two pair of Chanel Shades from Sunglass Hut. Like Roey stated they don't come with an authenticity card like the bags, but they do come with a case, box, and care booklet. The one way to tell if there are authentic is if chanel is on the lens.
  5. thank you ladies for your replies :flowers:
    i went back to Nordstrom yesterday and i asked about the authenticity card and that care booklet. she gladly them to me :yes: she said the SA's normally take them out of the box :wtf: i was too shocked to ask "WHY!!" but i was just so happy to get them.
    i guess to people buying Chanel sunglasses in the future (esp at Nordies)...make sure to ask the SA about it, and they'll gladly give it to you :yes:
  6. I think that happens for most sunglasses (them taking out the card, etc) I bought a pair of Prada's at Saks & she took them out of the box, showed them to me, etc. When I paid, I looked in the bag, & the SA had only given me the hard case for the glasses, no box, no card. I had to ask her to give them to me (She kinda rolled her eyes, I rolled em right back :roflmfao:)