Chanel Sunglasses - are we only paying for the name?

  1. French eyewear design Alain Mikli had this to say about Chanel Sunglasses. He's the creator of the funky red glasses worn by the star of the sitcom "Ugly Betty."

    I thought his comments were somewhat provocotive. While I don't like the big blazing CC on the side of the sunglasses all the time (especially if I'm wearing other Chanel) - I think Chanel does a great job with the different styles of their sunglasses. Any comments?

    I posted a larger article by him with pics and review of other sunglasses in the Wardrobe. Here's the link:

  2. I love the quality and styles of sunglasses chanel comes out with...persoanlly i love the big CC's
  3. The name and style.

    I do think they're better quality than a drugstore product as well, but I think most of the $ is for the style and name.
  4. FOr these particualr shades, yes I think the shape is nothing special and I can see where he's coming from, but the double Cs are also a part of the design and they signalize the chanel image and life style which you are also paying for. Frankly I don't think chanel glasses are a lot different from dior and YSL gucci ones when it comes to quality, the only sunglasses I really felt a difference were LVs, but they are made totally differently. Chanel and the other brands I mentioned all have more seasonal and exciting desings than LV though.
  5. Yes, I'm paying for the name, but I know that and understand that. It's what I want. I could find a decent pair of glasses at Target or Kohls, but I want and can afford chanel. Classic Luxury.
  6. I like the look of the style you posted. However, I own a pair of Chanel sunglasses (different style) and I HATE them. They pinch my nose, they are very heavy, and the crystals started falling off a few months after I got them. To date three crystals are missing. My next pair of sunglasses will NOT be Chanels that's for sure.
  7. I have those sunglasses in the picture, and I love them. But I think with most things...whether they be Chanel brand, or another name "brand" we are all just paying for the name. And usually the "name" items are cuter, because the various designer brands will hire the right company to design them nicely.

    Bottom line........we pay for the name.
  8. You know what. Opinions are like A**holes. Everyone has one. I own that EXACT pair of glasses, actually I own two, one in gold on in silver. They are comfortable. Looks fabulous and are over a year old and are still perfect. The quality and workmanship is there in Chanel eyewear.
  9. I'm ok with that. I also love the C's.
  10. I own the exact sunglasses in the pic and LOVE them! I want them in black with silver too. Chanel sunglasses have the best frames for my face size, one of the main reasons I love their designs.
  11. ^Me too Ro. . . I have a smallish face and the Chanel's have bene the comfiest I've owned so far.

    Kat, I know you hate Chanel sunnies now. . . but I think you picked the wrong pair for you.
    If they pinch, they're not right for you. . . wish you'd give them another chance one day:flowers:
  12. Might be true, but Chanel makes me happy. :smile: I'm willing to buy Chanel because I have about five pairs, and they've held up really well (but then again, I've never had the sunnies with the crystals in them).
  13. When I tried almost a dozen sunglasses in Sunglass hut two summers ago, Chanel ones were the only ones fit me like a glove, and it actually sit on my nose without fallen off, that when I fallen in love with them...
  14. The pairs I have are very comfortable and fit perfectly.
    The Luxottica Group manufactures for many brands like D&G, Miu Miu, Rayban, Prada, Versace, Donna Karan and so on.

    So maybe he thinks they won't stand out, but who cares?
    I think most of the Chanel sunglasses are classic and timeless designs and of good quality, that's all I want. Different people, different tastes and I love mine.
  15. Since I don't own any of the new Chanel sunnies, I can't speak to the quality issue. I have owned Mikli's eyewear. In fact my fave glasses were Mikli's and I lost them while at an orchard on a hayride. His designs -- always innovative, way cool and it was not unusual for strangers to ask me where I got my specs. We speak to our own experience; we buy what we like.