Chanel sunglasses and my poor wide face!!

  1. Hi all!! I just had LASIK and have been in search for the perfect Chanel sunglasses to fit my wide face and "pinchable" cheeks. I like 4117B. Any ideas of where to buy reputably online (I've been scared of ebay because I naturally don't want fakes and I don't know of reputable sellers). Also, does anyone have any ideas on other Chanel sunnies that work for wider faces?? I need help! Thanks a million!
  2. I think{?} I think that's one IntlSet has recommended.
  3. Most online places have a very limited supply and I don't think you would be able to find much authentic 2006 summer sunglasses online. But if you can't get to a store, Swanky's right, is your best bet.
  4. Swanky, did I see in another post that you are around the Dallas area? I'm in Fort Worth. Do you have any stores that you recommend?
  5. I have a guy I buy from all the time, he has store in Canada. He can get me pretty much anything I want. He has two websites and also sells on eBay.
  6. I should add that his prices are about 30% off retail.:biggrin:
  7. ^^ for Chanel?
    No where in Ft. Worth as far as I know. But I go to the Shops of Willowbend Neiman's in Plano and the one downtown Dallas, they're the only 2 Neiman's, or dept' stores I think even around that carry Chanel. Otherwise there's a Chanel boutique in Highland Park.
  8. Thanks Swanky! I guess I could stop by the Neiman's in Plano on my next trip to Dr. Boothe. Ashford has the sunnies I want but only in white and I think I need a darker lens due to light sensitivity after the surgery. Hmmmm...the search continues!!
  9. Smoothoprter, is there any way I could get his user id or website from you to look at sunglasses too?
  10. I have a wide face (and a big head) as well :smile: After trying on many, many pairs of Chanel sunnie, there was only one pair that felt good on my face. I bought them. They are 5094. They are retangular in shape and come in brown or black. I have the black pair. These temples flex so that's why they feel very comfortable on. The Chanel logo is all silver and on the small side and the temples are "quilted". I hope this helps.
  11. Good luck! I bought a pair from there a few weeks ago, I posted them in the Chanel Forum. . . somewhere!
    Mine are nice and dark!:yes:
    Good luck w/ your Lasik and welcome to tPF!
  12. I love my Chanel 5076H glasses. Ebay seller fashioneyestore sells authentic with really quick shipping. Another great style are the 5080B's if you want a little bling :smile:

  13. myself having a wider face....I find it hard to find wider frames. I found if you go to larger spectacle store they might be able to order in wider frames.

    I usually go back to asia and buy them. They tend to be cheaper and also cater for wider faces.

    Maybe check out chinatown spectacle shops....if you have any around you.
  14. Try Chanel 6014....6080b. They run larger from ear to ear.