Chanel Sunglass Help

  1. I have the Mother of Pearl and Black sunglasses from a year or 2 ago. I love them so much, I wear them daily.

    My husband is sick of seeing them on me, but they are the most comfortable glasses I have ever had on my head.

    It also seems, that every other Mom at my kid's school is wearing the same pair of glasses.

    My question: (the question mark key on my keyboard is missing, so pardon the lack of punctuation)

    Is there another pair that is just as lightweight, I tried the "Denise Richards" pair, but they had a little too much bling for me.

    What is your most comfortable pair of Chanel sunglasses, I like plastic frames.

    Thank you for your help!
  2. I have the Gucci horsebit sunglasses that are very similar in shape. I didn't get the Chanel because like you said everyone has them. So if you want to try out a different brand check out the gucci.
  3. The ones with the camellias are really light and super comfy.
    I have 5 pairs of Chanel sunnies.
    There's another pair that I'm considering getting as well...they're plastic and really comfy as well...

    Let me try and find a picture...
  4. [​IMG]
    it's a very flattering shape

    I also have these which are very light
  5. I agree. I was amazed at how light they are and how nicely they stay on. I'm glad I bought them. Here's a pic:


  6. Here's a pair of Chanel Aviators, but I love my Oliver Peoples aviators the best.


  7. thank you sratsey and maxter, i love the camelias, but for some reason thought they might be heavier (ihavent seen them in real life)

    and i love the 5102...that is perfect, the logo is darker (so hubby won't object)

    he just really doesn't like the big CC thing, and i admit i am ready for a new pair

    chanel are seriously the most comfortable sunglasses i have ever put on, it's like sleeping on expensive can't go back to the cheap ones after that
  8. I agree, the MOP are the MOST comfy galsses for me too!
    I'm in a love-hate relationship w/ mine. . . at gymnastics for my DD there's actually 5 of us Mommies w/ them perched atop our noggins.:shame: It's disappointing!
    I also have the Denise Richards sunnies and they are very comfy.
    I echo Max, try the Camellia's, they are not heavy at all IMO.

    The 5102's sratsey posted look very comparable and comfy.
  9. i third (or fourth) the camellia ones! they are a perfect size, not too big, not too small and are as light as a feather. My favourite pair of sunglasses by far!
  10. Another vote for the Camelia's I like those more then my MOP actually!